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VPN Case Studies

Access remote computer via VPN occasionally
Access denied when accessing a remote workstations from VPN client
Backup data via VPN
Can map network drive but can't access it

Can ping VPN server but receive System error 53 using net use
Can ping the RRAS server but other resources because of Office Scan client
Canít access the server using RDC after enabling VPN
Can't browse over VPN because the inside NIC is disabled
Can't establish VPN because the private NIC is disabled
Can't ping remote computers except the VPN Server
Canít access the shared folder of the VPN client
Cannot access resources after establishing the VPN because of the same IP
Cannot establish the VPN through Netgear RO318
Cannot establish VPN with error 721 and 800
Establishing the VPN only first try
Firewall restricts accessing outside
Issue of save VPN password and IPSec pre-share key
Laptop can't VPN while Desktop can - VPN error 721
RAS/VPN Event ID 20049, Event ID 20073 and Error 619
No one can access the server after setup VPN
No "Use log on using Dial-Up connection"
Only one VPN connection and Error 678
Peer to peer route via VPN connection
RRAS with 2 NICs messes up whole system
Solution for Peer to Peer VPN using the same IP range.
Synchronizing data automatically via VPN
VPN between ASA 5510 and NetVanta 2054 - Case Study
VPN client can ping the VPN server only
VPN error 619 - Case Study
VPN Error 651 - Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error
VPN error 721 and 800

VPN Error 733 - the PPP control protocol for this network protocol is not available on the server
VPN Error 736 - The remote computer terminated the control protocol
VPN Error 800 - Unable to establish the VPN connection
VPN error 800 on only one computer
VPN works on one computer but other one


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