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Access remote computer via VPN occasionally

Situation: The client has created a VPN on a Windows 2000 server successfully. The VPN client can establish the VPN and ping the IP.

Problem: Sometimes, he can access the remote computer while other time he can't.


1. With VPN connection, we can ping the computer name and IP always.

2. The username that we use to test can access the remote computer all time.

3. When we can't access the remote computer via VPN, we use net view command to view the remote computer. It returns back with System error 5.

Analysis and solution: Normally, when the user logon the LAN, the username and password synchronize with the domain username and password. However, when the same user access the VPN, he uses cached credentials to access the remote computer. The VPN user may lose the cached credentials and may need to use net command to re-cache the credentials. To do that, we create a batch file including this line: net use \\remotepcname /u:username so that the user just need to double-click it after accessing the VPN.

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