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Can't ping remote computers except the VPN Server

Situation: You just created a VPN on Windows 2003 server. You can establish the VPN and ping the VPN server. However, you can't ping any remote workstations' IP.


1. Ping gets time out.

2. Tracert remote computer's IP stop after reaching the VPN client PPTP IP.

3. No firewall blocks the ping.

Cases and solution:

1. The IP is not routed over the VPN server. Enable IP routing.

2. Both sites, VPN server and VPN client, are using the same IP range, for example, 192.168.1.x/ Assign the different IP range or subnet.

3. Both VPN server and VPN client are assigned the same IP by a router. For example both are using you may assign IP using RRAS IP pool or switch DHCP from the router to the  Windows DHCP (case SC101905).

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