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Case Study - Backup data via VPN

Situation: The client would like to backup data from chicagotech office to ms-mvps office that are in the different locations. Since backup over the Internet is too slow, they just want to do one backup and then synchronize the data every day.

Analysis and Solution:

1. Since both sites are using static public IPs, we can setup a IPSec or demand-dial 24/7 connection.

2. Create a batch to include this command: ROBOCOPY \\chicagotech\mydata\ \\ms-mvps\mydata >c:\logs\chicagotech.txt

3. Use Windows scheduled Tasks to run the batch file every night 10 PM. When it starts, robocopy will compare the data and copy the modified data only from chicagotech to ms-mvps.

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Bob Lin Photography services

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