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Case Study – VPN error 619

Here is the equipment we use:

Router: Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Ver 5 or Ver 6
Connection: ATT(SBC) DSL
Modem: Speedstream 4100 or Speedstream 4200
OS: Windows XP SP2
VPN Client: Microsoft Native


With either wired or wireless connections, when we tried to connect to our VPN
server, we would get an Error 619 on 99% of our connection attempts.

When we did get a connection, we couldn’t do anything and after a few minutes, the connection would drop.

We tried changing the router, firmware and DSL modem with no change.


When we connect directly to the DSL modem, our connection worked fine, but not with the router in place. So we know it's a Linksys problem.  We called Linksys and spoke with their support department and tried upgrading and downgrading the firmware and changed every setting the router had to offer to no avail.  We even tried a different DSL modem and finally a different router all with the same result.


Each time we configured the DSL modem, we put the user ID and password in the Speedstream modem and had the router connecting via "Automatic Configuration", (i.e. DHCP).  This is the cause of the problem!!!

Here are the steps we followed to resolve the issue:

Step 1: Connect to the DSL modem directly and reset the configuration to factory defaults.  To get to the configuration page of the modem goto from a web browser and click the advanced button on the left.  Then click on the Reset Modem button below.  You will be asked for your modem access code which is a yellow sticker on the bottom of the modem.  Once the modem has been reset, close the browser window and reinstall the router.

Step 2: With the router connected, open a web browser and goto and enter your password to access the router, (by default, the password is "admin" and the User ID is left blank). Once in the router, goto the Administration screen and reset the router to factory defaults and wait for the router to reset.

Step 3: Go back to the Setup page of the router and select PPPoE as the login type and enter your DSL UserID and password. Set the Time Zone setting and click Save Changes.

Step 4: Setup your wireless configuration and security as you normally would.

Try your VPN Connection.


This solution has been tested on all equipment listed above and we were able to reproduce the results and problem by switching around the configurations.

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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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