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VMware Issue

# of virtual devices exceeds maximum for a given controller
After moving the VMware host, it can't start

CAN'T create vm for x64 windows WITH ERROR 3207
Can't access network or Network Cable Unplugged
Can't continue SBS 2011 installation because of no network
Can't install Windows 64-bit on HP 64-bit computer
Can't generate VMware License Activation code
Can't login VMware vCenter
VMware: Can't fork - Resource temporarily unavailable
Can't turn off VMware VM
Don't have Hardware and Software pans in vCenter
Don't have Local Users & Group in VMware vSphere Client
ESX Web Access Error: 503 Service Unavailable
Fix doesn't clear VMware Alert automatically - Resolution with screenshots

Failed to load image '/usr/share/anaconda/pixmaps/map480.png
High CPU utilization of one of Virtual machines.
HOST CPU utilization
Lose connecting to VMware after adding a new NIC - Resolution with screenshots
Network adapter does not appear in VMware VIC

No driver found when installing VMware on HP BL480c

Operating System not found when load CD or image in VMware

Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer
The VMwrae Remote Console Plug-in is not installed

This CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode with 0xc000035a

The uploaded license content was not valid
Veeam backup problem: Guest processing skipped

Virtual Machine Manager Issues
VM LAN is not connection
VMs are grayed out in VMware - Resolution with screenshots
VMware: CD/DVD Drive 1 (Connecting...)screen
VMware: connection failed ESX 3.5 server
VMware CPU utilization high even when VM is inactive
Veeam: Failed to prepare guests for volume snapshot
VMware general system error occurred: internal error
VMware Operation timed out - Failed to install update
VMware host or Guest have intermittent network connectivity
VMware Tools problem after converting a VM from VMware to Hyper-V - Resolution with screenshots
VMware: Unable to connect to the MKS
VMware vCenter converter issues
VMware VM: Network Cable Unplugged
VMware VM Troubleshooting
VMware VM lost network connection - Resolution with screenshots
VMware vSphere Client Issues
VMware Web Access Cannot access virtual machine console
What's DFS Replication
Windows 2003 as VM on VMware doesn't sync the time

Windows failed to start with 0xc000035a
Why is Windows 7 Network so slow?



VM ESX Host can't access

VMware ESX Host get Broadcast false

VM ESX Host can't access

Case 1: IP address conflict. After configuring the ESX host uses IP, another technician assign the same IP to a printer.  Resolution: re-assign IP address.


Case 2: The ESX host was setup to VLAN 200 and the port in the Cisco switch has the native VLAN command: switchport trunk native vlan 200. Resolution: remove the "switchport trunk native vlan 200" or try switchport access vlan 200.


case 3: When trying to accessing a ESX host, the client receive this message: "Cannot contact specified host. Host may not be available on the network, a network configuration configuration may not exist". please refer to this case:



VMware ESX Host get Broadcast false

Situation: You can't access other computers from the ESX host and other computers can't access the ESX host.


Troubleshooting: the esxcfg-vswif -l display Broadcast false.


Resolution: Delete the IP address from the host and re-set IP address.

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