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Microsoft VMM Issues

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Error (12700): VMM cannot complete the Hyper-V operation on the server
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VMM Error (2921)
VMM error 2916 when doing P2V
VMM error: ID 3128 Details (Unknown error 0x80041001)
VMM: Failed to log on with the provided credentials
VMM P2V error: Agent installation failed
VMM shows Unsupported Cluster Configuration
Virtual Machine Manager Issue

Microsoft VMM Agent installation failed copying: The network path was not found

When trying to convert P2V on Windows VMM, you may receive this message: Agent installation failed copying. ID: 415. Details: The network path was not found

Case 1:  The physical computer was blocked by a firewall.

Case 2: The physical computer is running Symantec Endpoint. We need to disable the Network Protection or add the VMM server IP to the Endpoint to convert it.

Case 3:  The File and Printer sharing was disabled on the physical computer.

Case 4: There is not sufficient free space on the system volume.

Case 5: Use net share command to verify that the ADMIN$ share on physical computer exists. If the ADMIN$ share does not exist, reboot physical computer and then try the operation again.

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