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Lost file sharing on iSCSI devices when restarting Windows

Case 1: The client has a Drobo unit connecting Windows 2003 via iSCSI and creates a shared folder on it. It works fine except whenever restarting the Windows server, they lose the Drobo shared folder. The Drobo drive is here, but they don't have shared folder and need to recreate it. The Drobo drive has been setup persistent target and Windows 2008 doesn't have this issue.

Troubleshooting: This issue may occur when the iSCSI Initiator service is not initialized when the Server service initializes. the resolution is creating the Server service dependent on the iSCSI Initiator service. 
Please refer to this page for more details: How to create a service dependent on Windows

Case 2: Configure persistent logons to the target.

1) Run iSCSI Initiator.
2) Click the Targets tab.
3) Click a target in the Select a target list, and then click Log On.
4) Click to select the Automatically restore this connection when the system boots check box, and then click OK.

Case 3: Configure the Bind Persistent Volumes option for the iSCSI Initiator service. To do this, please follow these steps;

1) Run iSCSI Initiator.
2) Click the Bound Volumes/Devices tab.
b. Click Bind All to bind all the persistent targets. Or, click Add, and then enter a drive letter or mount point to bind a specific target.
c. Click OK.

Case 4: Upgrade the Storage firmware or iSCSI Initiator driver.




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Bob Lin Photography services

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