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Event Viewer display no information


Symptom: One of our servers is running Windows 2000 server with SP4. If I open Event Viewer, click Application or System, there is not information on the left panel. It is empty. These are what I did.


  1. If I press F5 in System to refresh, the System Events display. However, that doesnít work in Application Event.
  2. The AppEvent.evt is located in c:\winnt\system32\config. The size is 1023KB and the date is 7/28/2004 (it 6 months old).
  3. If I go to the properties of the Application event>Filter, all event type are checked. The problem is the both From and To are current date and time, for example 3/9/2005, 3.20.03 PM. They are gray out and canít be changed. However, If I switch From/To to Event On, I may be able to change the date and time. But that doesnít any changes. Just not information display.
  4. If I try to Restore Default, The Filter will come back and both From and To are the same date and time.
Resolutions: 1. To fix this problem, you may want to delete the *.evt files. To do this, you should stop the Event Log Service by following these steps:

 right-click My Computer>Manager>Services and Applications>Services>Event Log Service>General, set the "Startup Type:" to "Disabled" restart the computer, then delete or rename the corrupt *.evt file(s) from %systemroot%\system32\config then set the Event Log Service "Startup Type:" back to "Automatic", restart the service.

2. Install a hotfix based on this article Event logs are corrupted.

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