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No computers listed in Windows 7 and 2008 Network

Case 1: It could be the Computer Browser is disabled. Run net view command, if you receive the system error, ensure the Computer Browser is running. Also check this post:

Computer Browser service is disabled on Windows Server ...

Case 2: Normally, you can click Start and then click Network to view the computers and devices on the network. If the Network link don’t exist. You can right-click on Start button, select Properties, go to Start Menu tab, click Customize and check the item “Network”.

Case 3: You can also go to “Control Panel\Network and Sharing Center” and click “View computers and devices” in the left Pane to access them.

Case 4: There's a SonicWall configured at that site that had a "disable NETBIOS traffic" setting enabled. I unticked that, and voila, everything works.

Case 5: make sure the server is not multihomed computer. Otherwise, you may have computer browser issue. Please refer to this page:

Computer Browser

The computer browser is to display a directory of all known computers or domains that the computer can reach. The purpose of the browser service is to ...




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Bob Lin Photography services

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