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Troubleshooting Vista Remote Assistance issues

Can't offer remote assistance from to Vista

Case 1: I received the invitation, but can’t access the remote computer. The problem if the client forward port 3389 to another computer.

Case 2: After I accepted the invitation and accessed the novice, the screen is black. I fixed this problem by modifying the MTU.

Troubleshooting terminal server issues

Troubleshooting Remote Desktop Connection. Black screen while connecting to TS. Cause: 1. MTU size may be too high. 2. you may have a print driver problem. ...

Case 3: When a user from XP sends an invitation to a expert using Vista, the expert receives “There is a problem with the invitation and it cannot be opened”, Make sure both computer use the same version of Windows Live Messenger.

Case 4: If you receive "A program could not start. Please try again", please check this post.

A program could not start when ...

Hello, This issue was resolved after I installed Windows Live Messenger. It seems that RA is dependant on various APIs used in the messenger. Thanks, ...

Case 5: The expert tries to access the remote computer, he receives “The connection failed because the user may have logged out of remote assistance”. The remote computer re-establish another session.

Case 6: if you receive “Username has closed connection to your computer”, local Users group may not have Authenticated Users and Interactive.  To successfully run the Remote Assistance service account must have the privileges of the Users local group. To check if Authenticated Users and Interactive are listed in the users group, right click on My Computer>Manage>Local Users and Groups>Groups. Right click on users and select Properties.

Case 7: When I accessed a remote computer, I receive “Remote Assistance is declined” Finally, I found the remote computer firewall blocks the remote access.

Case 8: If you receive Remote Assistance failed. Please try again and one of computer is XP running ICS, you may want to download hotfix from Microsoft. You may receive a "Remote Assistance failed" error message on a Windows XP-based Internet Connection Sharing client computer that uses the Internet Connection Firewall feature - Microsoft Knowledge Base article 313492


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Bob Lin Photography services

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