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Troubleshooting Vista Blue Screen, STOP Errors

 The Blue Screen could be hardware, firmware and driver issues. Check the following links for more details..

Fixed Vista Blue Screen by installing BIOS on Dell computer
Vista blue screen because of Catalyst 7.3 drivers
Vista blue screen because of NVDIA driver
Can't shutdown and BlueScreen on Vista

The Blue Screen could be caused by a damaged hard disk. You may run CHKDSK /F command.

This issue can be software issue too. Check the following links.

Vista blue screen issues
Vista blue screen because of Zonealarm
Computer gets blue screen every morning

In many cases, you may experience the Blue Screen after you install hardware or software. If this is the case, you may want to start the computer with Safe mode to remove or disable the hardware or software. If you are not sure which hardware may cause the problem, you may use Vista Problem Reports and Solutions. In some cases, Micros Update may cause the problem too.

If you suspect it is software issue, you may start the Vista with the Clean Boot to troubleshoot it.

The Blue Screen could be caused by damaged or removed system files and driver when you install a software or driver. You can try to use System repair or run sfc /scannow command.

Also you may use symbols to analyze dumps.

Following are some case studies.





   (STOP 0x0000C1F5)

   Dell Vista blue screen error 0x00000124

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Bob Lin Photography services

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