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Networking between Vista and other Windows OS

Can't access XP with error 0x80070005
Vista can ping XP but see it because of no LLTD installed
Vista can't access a network drive
vista can not access xp, but xp can access vista
Vista can't access XP because simplified sharing
Vista can't access XP hard drives because of permissions
Vista can't see some computers
Vista can't see other computers in my Workgroup
Win 98 can't access the Vista

Networking between Vista and XP

Q & A: Networking between Vista and XP ... and iMac on the network and the Vista machine is seeing neither, but it can hit the internet. ...

Solved: Networking between Vista & XP

Solved: Networking between Vista & XP ... really need it any longer, while still on XP I allowed it to lapse and then ...

Can't share between Vista ...

Both Vista and XP have been enabled the file sharing and the windows firewall ... VISTA LAPTOP AND WINDOWS XP DESKTOP ON YOUR NETWORK AND VICE VERSA GO TO: ...

Networking between Vista and w98

Just added a new Vista (Home Premium) computer to my peer to peer network (2 Win XP Pro computers, 1 Win 98 computer, 1 Mac OSX computer). All computers ...

Solved: Vista can't access XP

Post Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:49 pm Post subject: Solved: Vista can't ... from my notebook. i can only see my xp desktop, but i cant get in it, neither ...

XP and Vista networking issues!

... 2007 5:00 am Post subject: XP and Vista networking issues! Reply with quote. My desktop runs XP Home and my new laptop runs Vista home premium. ...

Vista: Can't find other computer

Vista: Can't find other computer ... new laptop has VISTA on it. I know it is networked because I can use the > networked printer from this laptop but I ...

Networking Vista to XP machines

It is setup on my network. I have 3 machines running XP Home and Pro. The problem is, the Vista machine can see and access all the XP machines, ...

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Networking between Vista and other Windows OS

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Bob Lin Photography services

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