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Troubleshooting Veeam Issues

A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network- Resolution with screenshots
Failed to check whether snapshot is in progress network mod
Failed to login to vmware server by SOAP, port 443 - Resolution with screenshots
Restored VM can't access LAN and the Internet
Troubleshooting VSS Writers timeout or failed error
Unable to connect to the remote server - Resolution with screenshots
Veeam: Cannot connect to the host's administrative share
Veeam Console version is not compatible with HvIntergration
Veeam: Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution

Veeam Client error: ChannelError: ConnectionReset
Veeam client error: failed to send command
Veeam client error: file does not exist or locked

Veeam: Error: su: incorrect password


Veeam: Failed to login by SSH, port 22, , elevateToRoot Fals
Veeam: network path was not found
Veeam: The network path was not found. Code: 53








Restored VM can't access LAN and the Internet

Situation: After using Veeam FastSCP to copy a VM on ESX 4.0 and then restore it on ESX 4.1 running on a different hardware, the client can't access the LAN and the Internet.

Case 1: IPCONFIG doesn't show any NIC. The Device Manager shows NIC with yellow !.

Resolution: Re-install NIC drive.

Case 2: The Device Manager shows NIC fine. IPCONFIG doesn't show any NIC.

Resolution: The VM hasn't been assigned vSwitch. Login vCenter Client and select the VM. Click Edit Settings. Check the Network adapter status. If it is empty, highlight Network adapter. Select the vSwitch in Network label as shown below.

Case 3: after restoring a VM from backup using Veeam Backup, the client can't logon Guest OS running windows because the original VM is running in the same subnet with same hostname and iP address.

Resolution: Shutdown the original VM and disjoin the restored VM from the domain. then rejoin it to the domain.


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