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Troubleshooting Ping

Can't ping another computer because of the ICF
an't use ping
Can't ping outside IP or name
Error code 65, 10043, 10050 and 10091 transmit failed
Destination not unreachable
General Failure Ping
Hardware Error
Host is unreachable
Pinging host name display FQDN
Ping lists a public IP instead of private IP
Receiving a reply from a different IP

TTL expired in transit

Can't ping another computer because of the ICF

Sometimes, XP's built-in Firewall may enable after running network setup wizard on LAN connections. You can't ping or access the XP computer. To disable the XP firewall on the connection, go to the properties of the Connections, select Advanced, and deselect the firewall.

Can't ping outside IP or name

If you can't ping outside IP, make sure you have correct gateway. If you can't ping outside computer name or web name, check the DNS settings.

Can't use ping

If you cannot use ping successfully at any point, confirm that:

1)The computer was restarted after TCP/IP was configured.
2) The IP address of the local computer is valid and appears correctly on ipconfig /all.
3) IP routing is enabled and the link between routers is operational.
4) For the security reasons, many organizations block the return of ICMP (ping) packets so that ping or tracert may not be possible to obtain a response.

Error code 65, 10043 and 10050, transmit failed

Symptoms: When using ping command, you may receive either of the following: "Transmit failed, error code 65" or "Transmit failed, error code 10050"

Resolutions: make sure your firewall, NAT or router doesn't disable ping and to allow ICMP Echo and  Echo Reply packets.

Hardware Error

Symptom: when you try to ping an IP, you may receive "hardware error" reply.

Causes: 1. Bad NIC.
2. The cable doesn't plug in.

Host is unreachable

Q: When I ping the server using one of the clients it says the host is unreachable. Why?

A: 1) Make sure all machines are on the same local subnet and no routers in between.
2) Check the lmhosts file to make sure that you do not have an outdated file.

Ping lists a public IP instead of private IP

Symptom: when you ping a LAN computer like ping chicagotechpc1, you may receive a public ip instead of the computer private IP

Cause: Incorrect DNS settings. Also please refer to this link:

destination not reachable

However, ping a public IP got "Destination not unreachable", for example,. ping ... Reply from Destination not unreachable. ...

Receiving a reply from a different IP

Symptoms: when you ping a public IP, you may receive reply from a different IP, for example,
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination net unreachable.

Causes: If you have incorrect IPSec settings, you may have above mentioned symptom.




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