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System error 85 has occurred.

The local device name is already in use.

Logon slow

The logon script maps only some network drives

The logon script stops with error.

Symptoms: When logon domain computers, a new user may have the following issues:

1. You receive “System error 85 has occurred”.

2. Or “The local device name is already in use”.

3. Logon slow

4. The logon script maps only some network drives

5. The logon script stops with error.


  1. DNS setup correct.
  2. Computer browser works fine and you can access all network resources normally.
  3. Problem: The Default User was created to map a no-existing server with persistent switch so that any new users who logon will receive above mentioned issues.
  4. The mapping letter e.g. H has been used.

 Resolutions: 1. Re-create a new default user profile.

2. Use net use * /d to delete the persistent mapping.

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