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Event ID 5737 – The Net Logon service terminated

Can’t start Netlogon


  1. The Event Viewer displays Event ID 5737 – Netlogon: The system returned the following unexpected error code: The parameter is incorrect.
  2. Event ID 7024 - The Net Logon service terminated with service-specific error 5737.
  3. You may receive this error “The Net Logon service terminated with service-specific error 5737” when logon a domain network.

Causes: It may cause by installing security software, anti-virus, security patch and other third party programs. The installation may damage a DLL file or Winsock or Winsock32 registry keys.


  1. If you are running Windows 2000 with SP2, you may following the instruction of Article ID 303330 – “Netlogon and Kerberos Key Distribution Center Generate Events 5737 and 7023 and Do Not Start” to add or replace the missing or damaged Rsaenh.dll file with a known-good copy of this file from another computer.
  2. Empty all network settings; for example, uninstall TCP/IP, File and print sharing, and Client for Microsoft Networks. Then re-install them.
  3. You may want to re-install the suspected software and/or replay the latest SP.
  4. Setup all suspected software services to manual and restart the computer. Make sure the Netlogon service is running and start those software one by one to check which one make the problem. Then re-install it. You may need to reply the SP.

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