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Event ID 11- There are multiple accounts with name host/printsrv.chicagotech.net of type 10. 
Two same print server names in one Domain.

Situation: Our printer server had a hardware issue. So, we used print migration tool to export the all printers' settings to a new server. Renamed the existing printer server name from printsrv to printsrv1 and then rename the new server as same as the old printer server name printsrv so that we don't need to re-set printers in every workstation. Every thing works fine except we always see two same name printers listed when installing a printer. How can we purge or keep only one printer listed?


  1. Run adsiedit.msc. but canít find another computer called printsrv.
  2. LostAndFound doesnít list it either.
  3. We also receive the Event ID 11 - There are multiple accounts with name host/printsrv.chicagotech.net of type 10. That tells us there is a duplicate SPN (ServicePrincipalName) value in the Active Directory tree.
  4. To locate and delete the duplicate SPN:

1)      Run LDP. This is an Active Directory search tool included in the Windows 2000/2003 Support Tools.

2)      Select Connection | Connect | OK (with nothing in the Server box).

3)      Select Connection | Bind | OK (with all fields blank).

4)      Select View | Tree | OK (with the BaseDN window blank).

5)      Select Browse | Search. Set the BaseDN as DC=chicagotech DC=net, where chicagotech is domain name.

6)      Set the filter to serviceprincipalname=Host/printsrv.chicagotech.net, where printsrv is the computer to search. Set the scope to Subtree and click Run. The duplicate SPN should appear like below:


ldap_search_s(ld, "DC=chicagotech,DC=net", 2, "serviceprincipalname=host/ printsrv.chicagotech.net ", attrList,  0, &msg)

Result <0>: (null)

Matched DNs:

Getting 2 entries:

>> Dn: CN= printsrv1,CN=Computers,DC=chicagotech,DC=net

        1> canonicalName: chicagotech.net/Computers/printsrv1;

        1> cn: printsrv1;

        1> distinguishedName: CN= printsrv1,CN=Computers,DC=chicagotech,DC=net;

        5> objectClass: top; person; organizationalPerson; user; computer;

        1> name: printsrv1;

>> Dn: CN= printsrv,CN=Computers,DC=chicagotech,DC=net

        1> canonicalName: chicagotech/Computers/ printsrv;

        1> cn: printsrv;

        1> distinguishedName: CN=printsrv,CN=Computers,DC=chicagotech,DC=net;

        5> objectClass: top; person; organizationalPerson; user; computer;

name: printsrv;

  1. Open the ADSI Editor (Adsiedit.msc).
  2. Go to the duplicate SPN value, which you located in step 6, and delete printsrv1. Close the ADSI Editor.

That fixes the duplicate name issue.

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