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TS Logon Screen Takes 15 Seconds to Show Up

Symptoms: Before installing the TS on the Windows 2003 server with two NICs as team, accessing to the server using  Remote Desktop Connection took just second. It takes a longer time to display the logon screen after type the TS host/IP and click Connect.

Troubleshooting: 1. Lsviwe list the TS license server.

2. Tried both host name and IP had the same issue. So, it is name resolution issue.

3. Disabled NIC team or tried different switch. That didn't make any different.

Resolution: Modify the registry to point the TS licensing server. That fixes the problem. Refer to - How to setup a specific 2000 server as a license server in a domain network
How to setup a specific Windows 2003 server as a license server in a domain network

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