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No workstations run logon script

Situation: The client installed Windows SBS 2003 with DNS and WINS and joined all workstations’ to the domain successfully. They also added a mapping to SBS_LOGIN_SCRIPT.bat. When logon the server, the script work fine. However, when logon workstations, the script doesn’t’ run no matter who’s logon.

 Troubleshooting: 1. The server have correct DNS and WINS settings.

  1. The clients can access the Internet and any LAN resources.
  2. When using ping –a Ip address, it reply with NetBIOS name only. That means that the clients use WINS as name resolution for LAN access.
  3. On any client, Nslookup points to the ISP DNS. That is the problem.
  4. Problem: all workstations use router DHCP server with ISP DNS.
  5. Resolutions: Enable DHCP with the internal DNS on the SBS. Or assign the internal DNS to the router. So, all workstations use the internal DNS instead of ISP DNS.

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Bob Lin Photography services

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