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System error 2221. The user name could not be found
The network connection could not be found
Unavailable M: \\chicagotech\shared
Networked drives are inaccessible

Situations: The client has SBS 2003 and all workstations map user folders in the SBS. One of workstations running on Windows 7 gets this message when clicking on the shared drive: Networked drives are inaccessible.

Troubleshooting: 1. If we map the shared folder using net use command, we get System error 2221. The user name could not be found. However, map using SBS IP works fine.
2. We can ping the SBS from the problematic windows 7 computer and from the SBS we can ping the computer.
3. If we net use command, it shows Unavailable M: \\chicagotech\shared.
4. If we try to access the M drive, it says: The network connection could not be found

Resolution: 1. Use net us command to delete all unavailable drives.
2. Use the net use with username password to map the network drive.
3. If above donít fix the problem, go to Control Panel\User Accounts\Credential Manager, delete the username from the Windows Credentials.




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