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Wireless is not available because the wireless switch is off

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Wireless is not available because the wireless switch is off

Postby blin » Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:33 pm

Make sure the wireless switch in on. Many laptop has a switch or button to turn on/off the wireless. Check that first.

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> Ever since last Wednesday, my laptop hasn't been able to detect wireless
> networks. When I click on "view available wireless networks" it tells me that
> it can't configure the wireless connection, and to run "Windows Zero
> Configuration". When I am trying to activate the WZC service it fails and I'm
> prompted with an error message #1068.
> The wireless card is an "Atheros AR928x Wireless Network Adaptor and the OS
> is Windows XP SP3. The laptop is only 2 months old.
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