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Windows 2008 IPv6 ping issues

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Windows 2008 IPv6 ping issues

Postby guest » Fri Oct 10, 2008 11:46 am

I have a Windows 2008x64 DHCPv6 and DNS server setup with a static IPv6 address.

I setup another Windows 2008x64 system (PC1) as a test system.
For this system I enabled stateful mode by using netsh

netsh interface ipv6 set interface "Local Area Connection 2" advertise=enable managed=enable

So now PC1 picks up the DHCPv6 address and DNS from the server.

However when I try to ping the server I receive a
"PING: transmit failed, error code 1231."

The odd thing is that when I create a static IPv6 address
netsh interface ipv6 add address "Local Area Connection 2" fd00::1 now ping works.

Does anybody know why this works?

- What command are you using for doing your ping? Generally you will need to use the ping6 command to ping IPv6 addresses

Ping6 is now part of regular ping in Windows 2008 (The Command is no longer there). I did try ping -6 as well to force IPv6.

Another possibility is that the host has been configured not to respond to pings (note that the IPv4 and IPv6 rules may be different if a firewall is involved). In this case the only alternative it to attempt a connection to a known open port and see if you can temporarily establish a connection.

- I turned off the firewall on both systems. I can ping using the local-link address.

- I figured it out! It seems for some reason my DHCPv6 server is not sending out the subnet prefix. I checked my routing table with netstat -rn and I did not find an entry regarding my fd00::/64 dhcpv6 prefix.

To those who want to add it in by hand

netsh interface ipv6 add route *IPv6Address/Integer(Prefix)* *Name of Interface* *Next hop* " (this can be changed how your network is setup. Like ::/0 to make a default gateway path)

More details on the command here

Thank you everybody. Had to combine what everybody said and use it as a hint...
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