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DFS replication fails on server with a DFSR error 6006

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DFS replication fails on server with a DFSR error 6006

Postby guest » Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:43 pm

the DFS replication fails on your server with a DFSR error 6006.

This issue can be caused by DFSR misconfigurations in AD.

Please check if the "Authenticated Users" group has correct "Read" and
"Special permission" with these steps:

1. Logon on DOMCHDC1.dover.uwcsea.edu.sg with the administrator account in
the root domain.

2. Open "Active Directory Users and Computers"(ADUC); Right click the root
node and click "Connect to domain", then enter the domain name:
east.uwcsea.edu.sg, and click "OK".

3. Click "View", then select "Users, Groups and Computers as containers"
and "Advanced Features".

4. Expand: "east.uwcsea.edu.sg"->"System"->"DFSR-GlobalSettings"->
" east.uwcsea.edu.sg\\student\\dover_test"->" Topology".

5. Please check if "0d23b9fe-2e93-47ad-88e7-7b44c7517704" exists.

6. If it does, please right click the "SYSTEM" container and click the
"Security" tab to ensure "Authenticated Users" group has correct "Read" and
"Special permission".

7. Please ensure all sub containers under the "SYSTEM" container have
inherited the "Authenticated Users" group's permissions.

If "0d23b9fe-2e93-47ad-88e7-7b44c7517704" does not exist, please remove
DODFS2 from the "east.uwcsea.edu.sg\\student\\dover_test" replication group
and re-add it as a member by DFSR management console.
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