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Event 4771, 675 and 673

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Event 4771, 675 and 673

Postby chicagotech » Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:17 pm

There are event 4771 logged on your Windows 2008 and event 675 , 673 logged on your other DCs.

In widows 2008, Kerberos pre-authentication failed is logged as event 4771.
In widows 2003, the event is logged as event 675. So these two events are
the same.
Event 4771 can occur for several reasons:

(1) Due to problems with DNS records.
(2) After changing your domain password on the network. The system tries to
renew the Kerberos ticket using the old password and fails.
(3) This event may be logged when a user attempts to log on at a Windows DC
with valid domain account name but bad password.
(4) Time Synchronization with domain tree is not correct.

With the failure code 0x18, it indicates pre-authentication information was
invalid. Usually it means that the account is disabled, expired, locked out
or the password is incorrect. It can also means that the secure channel is
broken between the DC and the machine.

1. Please veirfy is the account is disabled, expired or locked out when the
user is trying to authenticate himself.
2. If the user is the machine account, please reset the secure channel
between the DC and the machine. To do so, please use the comomand below:
netdom reset ComputerName /domain:DomainName
Please use this command on the machine instead of the DC. ComputerName is
the machine name of the machine.
3. Please verify if there is any third-party program using domain
username/password to access AD resources.
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