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Hyper-V host and guest can't ping each other

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Hyper-V host and guest can't ping each other

Postby chicagotech » Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:09 pm

Case 1: It could be the Network Connection issue. There should be two network connections on the host.

- The External Connection
- The Connection of physical NIC

Right Click on the connection of physical NIC, please make sure there is
only the "Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol" selected.
Right Click on the connection of External NIC, please make sure the
"Microsoft Virtual Network Switch Protocol" isn't selected. Also I would
like to suggest that you don't select the "Internet Protocol Version 6
(Tcp/IpV6)". Then check if the issue still exists.

Case 2: It could be Firewall Issue.

Please disable the Windows Firewall on both Guest OS and Host OS, then check if the issue still exists.

Case 3: It could be 3dr party security software issue. Please try clean boot for a test. This link may help:
How to use MSConfig
To start the windows with clean Boot, select Services and check Hide All
Microsoft Services. Then uncheck all 3rd party services. Click OK to save the
settings ...

Case 4: It could be NIC driver issue. Update the latest physical NIC drivers on the host.

Case 5: It could be TCP/UDP Offload issue. Disable the "TCP/UDP Offload Checksum" on the physical NIC for a test. Please refer to this page:
How to disable TCP Offload options - ChicagoTech.net
Because of network performence problems I have to disable "TCP Large Send
Offload" and "TCP Checksum Offload" at the NIC of the Hyper-V ...
http://www.chicagotech.net/netforums/vi ... =3&t=15382

Case 6: In one case, the client has host with more NICs or mutilhomed computer. They have incorrect network settings.

Case 7: In other case, this issue might be caused when the "HP Network
Configuration utility" is installed and I notice the physical NIC is a HP
NIC. So if you have installed "HP Network Configuration utility", please
remove it and see if the issue still exists.
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