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VPN Connection through LinkSys Router and ISA Server

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VPN Connection through LinkSys Router and ISA Server

Postby mhussein » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:25 am

I just configured my ISA server to be a VPN Server, but I face a small problem I hope to find the Solution for it.
let me talk first about my infrastracutre before talking about the problem itself.
I have an ADSL connection (Dynamic IP) through the our ISP connected to LinkSys Router WAG54G the which has a DHCP Service inside it the router IP is subnet
then I have another firewall which is ISA Server with 2 NIC, one addressed to the Network schema of the linksys router with static IP, and the other addressed to my entire network which is the default gateway of my entire network schema subnet
I have registered my Dynamic IP through DynDNS.org and works fine, and I put the ISA IP in the DMZ inside the router
the problem is:
when I connect my laptop inside the router network schema 192.168.0.x I can connect to the vpn very smoothly and fast using the host IP, but when I'm trying to connect from outside with the Hostname which I already registered it in Dyndns.org it comes to verifying username and password and took a long time then an error msg appears error 721

Do anybody have a solution of this

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Postby chicagotech » Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:58 pm

Sounds like port issue. I would check the LinkSys Router WAG54G settings first, such as VPN pass through and port 1723.
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