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Info: Windows SBS partition and pagefile consideration

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Info: Windows SBS partition and pagefile consideration

Postby blin » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:26 pm

Q: Dell PowerEdge 2800, Dual 3.4ghz, 4gb Ram, 2x4 backplane SBS 2003 premium

Current array configuration:

C: = 36gb RAID1 (two 15K 36gb drives on primary)
D: = 200gb RAID5 (four 15K 73gb drives on secondary)
E: = 146gb RAID1 (two 10K 146gb drives on primary)

I was thinking:

C: = OS (4092 pagefile on this drive)
D: = Data, sql, exchange
E: = client apps, WSUS, misc files that don't need regular backup

Based on the system and drives that I have, does this look good, or
should there be any other considerations I should keep in mind?

Also, is my pagefile location and size correct?

Any help would be appreciated.

A: I think you plan is good. The disk configuration and
pagefile configuration are good for your condition.

1. Exchange database on D driver, it is separate with OS. It is a good for
backup and improve performance.

Note: You will find some detail about how to backup SBS 2003 in the
following KB page:

Backing Up and Restoring Windows Small Business Server 2003

2. Pagefile size is depends on your system request.

Note that the current algorithm Windows uses to set the default paging file size is:

a. If total physical RAM is less than 2 gigabytes (GB), the paging file is
set to 1.5 times the amount of RAM or 2 GB, whichever is smaller.

b. If total physical RAM is equal to or more than 2 GB, the default size is
set to 2 GB.

Additional information:

How to overcome the 4,095 MB paging file size limit in Windows
How to Configure and Troubleshoot Cisco

Tablet and Smartphone Setup Guide
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