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Q and A: Two profiles when logon TS

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Q and A: Two profiles when logon TS

Postby blin » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:21 pm

Q: We have setup a Windows 2003 server with TS installed on the single
domain controller. Everything is working with the logins,etc. but when i configure the TS profile location for a user it creates it under
\\server\userprofiles\%username% (which is what i want) but it ALSO creates one under the c:\documents and setting\%username% on the server drive. i don't want these profiles filling up the c: drive... so that's why i made another location. if i create a simple word document it will get stored in both locations automatically. i've removed the profile on the c: drive but it will come back when the user log's in. what am i missing here? please help if you can...

A: By default, each TS user that logs in requires a local profile. That makes logon faster and the performance better. You can use Group Policy to delete the local cache of a users profile at log off. To do that, create a GPO with the following configuration:

Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>User
"Delete cached copies of roaming profiles"
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