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How to Transfer files between Droid and computer:

Tablet, Smart Phone, other Internet devices

How to Transfer files between Droid and computer:

Postby guest » Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:07 pm

1.Ensure that your memory card is inserted.

Note: If your memory card is not inserted, you will receive "Please insert a disk" when trying to access the phone.
If your card is inserted correctly and is still not being recognized, you should try to format the card.

2.Connect your device to a computer using a data cable. (It is recommended to connect directly to the computer, not through a hub)

3.You will see the USB connection icon in Notifications

4.Drag down the status bar, and touch the “USB connected” notification

5.Touch Mount

6.Use your computer interface to move files between your device and your computer.
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