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How to upload videos from PC to Droid

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How to upload videos from PC to Droid

Postby guest » Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:45 am

1. Connect USB cable to Droid and PC.

2. Bring up the notification bar by dragging down.

3. Tap on "USB connected"

4. Select "Mount"

5. Menu should appear on computer screen prompting you how you want to open the folder for SD card access (Removable Disk). Double click on "Open folder to view files".

6. Double click on the location you store your videos.

7. Go to the target folder that you chose to have the converted files saved. Right click on the file, click copy, paste the file in your "Video" folder on the SD card.

8. After you have moved the files from PC to the Droid, simply open the notification bar once more, click on "Turn off USB storage", click "Turn off" and that's it!

Note: after you copy video files from PC to the Droid, it is recommend restarting the phone..

9. To access movies on your Droid go to "Gallery" and select the folder in which you saved them to.
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