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Cisco ASA Access List Types

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Cisco ASA Access List Types

Postby guest » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:20 pm

There are five types of access control lists on Sisco ASA:

•Standard access lists—Identify the destination IP addresses of OSPF routes and can be used in a route map for OSPF redistribution. Standard access lists cannot be applied to interfaces to control traffic.

•Extended access lists—Use one or more access control entries (ACE) in which you can specify the line number to insert the ACE, the source and destination addresses, and, depending upon the ACE type, the protocol, the ports (for TCP or UDP), or the IPCMP type (for ICMP).

•EtherType access lists—Use one or more ACEs that specify an EtherType.

•Webtype access lists—Used in a configuration that supports filtering for clientless SSL VPN.

•IPv6 access lists—Determine which IPv6 traffic to block and which traffic to forward at router interfaces.
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