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Can't convert Cisco Non-root AP to Lightweight AP

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Can't convert Cisco Non-root AP to Lightweight AP

Postby blin » Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:04 pm

Situation: the client tries to convert their 1300 Cisco Non-root Outdoor AP to Lightweight AP. It said Upgrade process completed, but it doesn't and it is still regular AP not lightweight AP.

Troubleshooting: The log shows these message.
2012/07/05 11:55:38 INFO User has Full privilege
2012/07/05 11:55:38 INFO Getting AP Name
2012/07/05 11:55:39 INFO AP has 12.3(7)JA Image or greater
2012/07/05 11:55:39 INFO Term Length configured.
2012/07/05 11:55:39 INFO Upgrade Tool supported AP
2012/07/05 11:55:39 INFO AP has Supported Radio
2012/07/05 11:55:39 ERROR Station Role should be a Root

Reset the non-root AP to root AP or AP. Then try it.
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