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How to View the status of port security

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How to View the status of port security

Postby guest » Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:09 pm

Once you've configured port security and the Ethernet device on that port has sent traffic, the switch will record the MAC address and secure the port using that address. To find out the status of port security on the switch, you can use the show port-security address and show port-security interface commands. Below are examples for each command's output:

Switch# show port-security address Secure Mac Address Table ------------------------------------------------------------------- Vlan Mac Address Type Ports Remaining Age (mins) ---- ----------- ---- ----- ------------- 1 0004.00d5.285d SecureDynamic Fa0/18 - ------------------------------------------------------------------- Total Addresses in System (excluding one mac per port) : 0 Max Addresses limit in System (excluding one mac per port) : 1024 Switch# show port-security interface fa0/18 Port Security : Enabled Port Status : Secure-up Violation Mode : Shutdown Aging Time : 0 mins Aging Type : Absolute SecureStatic Address Aging : Disabled Maximum MAC Addresses : 1 Total MAC Addresses : 1 Configured MAC Addresses : 0 Sticky MAC Addresses : 0 Last Source Address : 0004.00d5.285d Security Violation Count : 0 Switch#
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