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Connecting Cisco WLC Console Port

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Connecting Cisco WLC Console Port

Postby guest » Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:12 pm

Before you can configure the controller for basic operations, you need to connect it to a PC that uses
a VT-100 terminal emulator (such as HyperTerminal, ProComm, Minicom, or Tip).
Follow these steps to connect the PC to the controller’s console port:
Step 1 Plug the RJ-45 connector on a null-modem serial cable into the controller’s console port and
the other end of the cable into the PC’s serial port.
Step 2 Start the PC’s terminal emulation program.
Step 3 Configure the terminal emulation program for the following parameters:
• 9600 baud
• 8 data bits
• No flow control
• 1 stop bit
• No parity
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