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Cisco WCS stops running

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Cisco WCS stops running

Postby guest » Tue May 08, 2012 3:46 pm

Here are collections of the Cisco WCS fails to start up.

Case 1: Apache server is not running.

Case 2: If the WCS were installed as a service, try to rebooted the machine.

Case 3: Check if the scripts are manually run from the bin directory. You must not manually run scripts from the bin directory. You must use the links from the Windows WCS programs menu or the scripts from Linux <Install Dir> (that is, /usr/local/bin/WCS22/StartWCSServer).

Case 4: Make sure the following ports are available to WCS.
*Checking for Port 1299 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 80 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 443 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 8009 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 8456 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 8457 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 8005 availability... OK
*Checking for UDP Port 69 availability... OK
*Checking for Port 21 availability... OK

Case 5: WCS does not start if the database is corrupt. If you reinitialize or restore the database, it fixes the issue. Navigate to the WCS installation directory and issue the dbadmin.bat reinitdb command from the command prompt to reinitialize the database.

case 6: Collect the log files from the <WCS Installation Dir>\webnms\logs. These log files can be used to identify the root cause of the issue.

Case 7: Check if the Windows SNMP trap service is active on the server. Disable the service because it uses Port 162 that is required by WCS. For more information on list of ports used by WCS, refer to the
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