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Create Windows 7 System Image

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Create Windows 7 System Image

Postby fenton » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:44 pm

I am trying to create System Image file for Win 7 Pro.
I am the only user and have administrator account.
Everytime I try to Image the system, after selecting the media for copy, the process stops after 2-3 min.

The Message it shows:
Windows Backup Encountered an error when access the remote shared folder. (0x8078015B)
Additional Information, The Semaphore timeout period has expired. (0x80070079)

My Win 7 Pro machine has 120 GB HD, and 23 GB used in C drive.
First 2-3 times, I tried with external USB HD, 320 GB, NTFS formated.
Then I tried DVD.
Then last the other partition on HD, which is 30 GB.
All times it shows above massage.
I also tried to run Back and Restored as Administrator. (My account is the administrative account but few times when I run applications it shows that you do not have administrative rights, so I thought that might be the cause)
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Re: Create Windows 7 System Image

Postby fenton » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:44 pm

Before moving on, I would like to share the following information with you.

When you receive semaphore timeout messages, the messages are usually the result of one of the following:

1.A heavy load on the server is causing processes to be delayed from releasing semaphores.

2.A process has crashed while holding a semaphore, causing other processes to block when trying to acquire the semaphore.

3.Deadly embrace, semaphore contention where two tasks are waiting on each other and neither task is able to break the loop. In the simplest case, thread A is trying to get a semaphore which is owned by B, while B is trying to get a different semaphore which is owned by A. More complex combinations are also possible: A wants a semaphore owned by B, who wants a semaphore owned by C, who wants a semaphore owned by A, etc.

4.If a process was to fail to set a semaphore during execution, another process dependent on the semaphore will be blocked awaiting the semaphore

The current issue may be caused by the below aspects:

1, Some third-party programs conflict with the Backup process

2, The network share settings or network connection settings

3, The incorrect Hard disk sector or controllers

At this time, since you want to do a system image backup, I suggest you can do the system image backup on other partition on HD test this issue, if the backup successfully in other partition on HD, you should check the network administrator to check the network share settings and network connection settings.

Since you have performed the clean boot to narrow down this issue, I suggest you log on the computer to safe mode to run a backup in other partition on HD to test this issue:

Now, please log on safe mode by following the below link’s article:

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

And then, please run a system image backup on other partition on HD to test this issue:

Windows 7 Create a System Image

If the error still exists, this message indicates that a hard disk controller driver is waiting for an overlapped read/write operation to complete. Usually due to problems with a faulty hard disk controller driver or possible hard disk drive hardware problems Ensure that you are using the proper driver for your hard disk controller that was certified to work with Windows 7. If the problem persists, replace the hard disk controller with a supported make/model. You can check the Event log to see the detail record. The event log should indicate I/O errors. Since this is related to hardware, this is no fix pending in the code. If this computer is an OEM computer and chkdsk/replacing the HDD does not resolve the issue, please contact the

Manufacture to check the hardware.

Now, you can follow the below steps to run check disk to narrow down this issue:

Note: Please ensure that the DVD-ROM is the first booting device.

1. Please insert the Windows 7 DVD and reboot the computer.

2. When we are prompted to press a key to boot from the DVD, please press Enter or the space bar.

3. Click "Next" and click "Repair your computer".

4. Please highlight "Windows 7" and click "Next".

Note: A computer may store more than one copy of Windows 7. Please highlight the one which encounters issues. The order of the items in the dialog-box is identical with the one on the boot menu.

5. In the dialog box titled "System Recovery Options", click "Command Prompt" and type in the following commands. Please press the Enter key after entering each command.



Note: Please replace "C:" with the actual drive letter of the system drive on which Windows 7 is stored.

6. Please let me know if any error is detected.

Here, you can see the below detail commands of Check disk to troubleshooting this issue:

Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems

If the issue still persist, please help me capture a screenshot about the detail error message, and then upload the screenshot to the forum, we can research it together.

In addition, please confirm the following points:

1, What detail error message did you receive when doing a system image backup on other partition on HD? Is it the same as before?

2, Can you do a partition backup on other partition on HD without choosing “Include a system image of Drivers (C:)”?

This checkbox was checked by default. If this checkbox was checked, the backup process will contain the applications, which are installed in your system driver. Maybe some system files was used by other process, the backup process will failed in this situation. Now, I suggest you can uncheck this checkbox to test this issue again and let me know the result.

However, if the problem still exists on the computer, please locate C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup. There is a log named "Backup Files*_error.log" will be created when starting backup. We can check the detail error about the backup. In addition, please also collect the Eventlog together for future research. And then we can research these logs to find out the root cause.

Thanks for your understanding and efforts.

Posts: 421
Joined: Mon Dec 04, 2006 3:25 pm

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