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Virtual Server 2005: Unexpected error (0x80004005)

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Virtual Server 2005: Unexpected error (0x80004005)

Postby guest » Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:22 pm

Situation: The all Virtual Servers can't access the LAN and the Internet. The Virtual network has this message: "Unexpected error (0x80004005). The virtual network’s configuration information could not be retrieved. Microsoft Virtual Server could not complete the operation due to an unexpected error (0x80004005)".

Case 1: After upgrading the BIOS on host computer, all Virtual servers can't access the Internet and LAN. Remove network adapter from host network settings and re-create it. That fixes the problem.

Case 2: I finally figured out after numerous uninstalls that the problem was that during my reload of Windows XP, I had removed and reinstalled the physical device for my NIC card. Apparently that had given it a different ID under the hood, and the old WirelessNICCard.vnc file that Virtual Server 2005 was using to reference that physical wireless NIC was pointing in the wrong place now.

The final solution was to remove the old .vnc file from underneath the Virtual Networks config on Virtual Server and Create a new one - my updated wireless NIC was in there, I easily created the file and assigned it to virtual machines and everything worked fine. I wonder if that would have solved the problem for the people in the posts above as well? It sounds like when you change a physical NIC for another of the same name or model but re-install the drivers, the .vnc file doesn't always point to the new one since the ID changes under the hood? At any rate, I hope that this post helps someone else with the same problem down the road.
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