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Remote control failed. Error code 7044

RRAS, VPN, TS/RDP, Routing and remote Access.

Remote control failed. Error code 7044

Postby guest » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:17 am

Situation: when using shadow 0 to take TS console, you may receive this message:
Remote control failed. Error code 7044
Error [7044]:The request to control another session remotely was denied.

Resolution: In the console session of the server, the user should receive the following message:
domain\username is requesting to control your session remotely.
Do you accept the request?
If the user of the console session on the server clicks YES, you are automatically connected to the console session on the remote Windows Server 2003-based server. If the user on the server's console clicks NO or does not respond, you receive the above message.
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