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Lost connection after 45 minutes because of master browser

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Lost connection after 45 minutes because of master browser

Postby chicagotech » Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:17 pm

> >> Can you ping other computer by IP?
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> >> > OK, so I'm having a strange issue. I've created a new domain for some
> >> > office computers (SBS 2003) and moved them all into it. There are some
> >> > resources that cannot be moved into the domain though. There's a
> >> > printer and another Windows 2003 file server that needs to be kept in
> >> > the workgroup for unrelated business reasons.
> >> > When the client computers first login they can access the printer and
> >> > the file shares fine. Then, after oh say 45 minutes or so they lose
> >> > access to them. All the same usernames/passwords exist in both the
> >> > domain and the file server. The shares and NTFS security are wide
> >> > open.
> >> > I thought it might be a problem contacting the workgroups master
> >> > browser, and it may be so. When I do a <browstat> I get
> >> > an access denied message.
> >> > What I don't get is the loss of access after some time goes by. And
> >> > they really need to stay connected to these workgroup resources....
> >> > Any ideas?
> > Oh sure....I can ping all day long, the Internet works...it's just
> > those workgroup resources. Once the user logs into the local account
> > everythings fine...
> It certainly sounds like a browser problem. I have seen problems like
> this where things work at first then fail when something changes in the
> network changes (like another server boots or a remote user connects).
> If the workgroup name is the same as the domain name, all machines
> should appear in the same browse list. Does this happen?
> If the browse list is OK you may need to use Netmon or wireshark to see
> what the clients actually do when they try to resolve a name to an IP
> address. They should send a query to the DMB (ie <domainname>). Are you
> running WINS?

The domain and workgroup are named differently. But I think I see
what's happening...the domain controller isn't the clients primary DNS
server. Always comes down to DNS...

What I don't get is why DNS would matter when logged into the domain
but not when logged in locally...the computer is a domain member
either way and the IP settings are the same...
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