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distribution list hasn't been updated in Global Address List

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distribution list hasn't been updated in Global Address List

Postby guest » Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:14 pm

you have renamed a distribution list and updated the Recipient Policy. However, this
distribution list has not been updated in Global Address List.

Before we go further, I would appreciate your help in clarifying the
following situations:

1. Do the users use Cached Exchange Mode in Outlook? If yes, please switch
to Online Mode in Outlook and verify whether distribution list has been
updated. Please let me know the result.

Note: If the issue does not occur when running Outlook in Online Mode, I
believe this issue is related to Offline Address Book.

2. What exact attribute you have modified? "Display Name" or "Group name
(pre-Windows 2000)"?
3. Do all users see this non-updated Distribution Group? Please check this
Distribution Group

For your reference, I have performed a test and here are detailed steps:

1. Create a new Distribution Group named "Group1".
2. Check in Outlook (Online Mode) and it shows correctly.
3. Change this Distribution Group's "Display Name" (on the Exchange General
tab) to "Merchant Database Services".
4. Run "Apply this policy now" on Recipient Policy object and run "Update
Now" on Recipient Update Service (domain_name) object.
5. Log off and log on the same mailbox in Outlook and the name of the
Distribution Group has been changed.

Note: It is okay to change the Distribution Group's name to "Merchant
Database Services".

Therefore, I suggest you follow the above steps to modify the Distribution
Group and verify whether the change shows up in Global Address List.

Note: If you have done exactly what I did, please ignore the above steps.

To further narrow down the root cause of this issue, I suggest you create a
test Distribution Group and then rename it to see whether it can be shown
correctly in GAL.
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