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install Exchange onto a Windows 2008 server

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install Exchange onto a Windows 2008 server

Postby guest » Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:57 pm

You going to install Exchange onto a Windows 2008 server.
You are wondering where you should install the Exchange server.

Usually, Exchange system and database should be installed on the default C:
drive. However, sometimes the default drive may not have enough room to
hold the database. In this case, you can put the database on another larger

The default database size limit for Exchange 2007 Standard Edition is 50
gigabytes (GB). However, you can change the size limit. There is no default
database size limit for the Exchange 2007 Enterprise Edition. Therefore,
the size of Exchange 2007 database is only limited by disk size.

To determine how much space you need for the database, you should have an
idea about the volume of emails in your organization. For performance
reason, I recommend that the size of each mailbox in the database should be
between 500MB - 1G. Usually there should be no more than about 2500 - 5000
messages in any of the critical path folders. The critical path folders are
the Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and Sent Item folder. Ideally, keep the
Inbox, Contacts and Calendar to 1000 or less. Therefore, the total size of
the database would be the total number of mailboxes multiply by each
mailbox size. In this case, depend on how many mailboxes you will have in
your organization and the size of your hard drives, you can decide on which
drive you can install your database.

For more information about recommend mailbox size limit, please read the
following article:

Recommended Mailbox Size Limits
http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2005/ ... 95229.aspx
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