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Migrate exchange in SBS 2003

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Migrate exchange in SBS 2003

Postby guest » Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:33 pm

After you have migrated a part of mailboxes to a new SBS 2003 serve, the mailflow stops from the old SBS 2003 server to the new one.

Before we go further, could you clarify whether the two domains host the
same email domain, or they have totally different ones?

Based on my research, there is an option "This Exchange Organization is
responsible for all mail delivery to this address" in SMTP Address
Properties in the Recipient Policies. If this option is checked, the
Exchange Server itself will try to handle all mails sent to this SMTP
address. Hence the emails will not be routed out of the server to the new
Exchange Server.

After you have removed the domain from the Recipient policies, you should
manually apply it by right clicking this Recipient Policy and select 'Apply
this policy now'. Then go to Recipient Update Services, right click and
select 'Update now'. After that, the changes in the Recipient Policy will
take effect.

Turns out the problem was in the client. The email addresses were pointing
to the internel (but now non-exsistant) addresses. Once we cleared the
history in Outlook the problem was solved.

We can use the "Install-AntispamAgents.ps1" cmdlet to install the Anti-spam
agents on the single Exchange 2007 server. The following article describe
the detailed steps

How to install Microsoft Anti Spam Agents on Exchange 2007

After installing the AntispamAgents, we can use the following steps to
enable the block blank senders feature:


1. Open Exchange Management Console

2. Expand Organization Configuration

3. Highlight Hub Transport

4. Then click the Anti-spam tab in the middle panel

5. Right click Sender Filter and choose Properties

6. Switch to Block Senders tab and enable the option "Block messages from
blank senders"

7. Restart Transport service
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