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cannot send messages to a specific SMTP domain

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cannot send messages to a specific SMTP domain

Postby guest » Sun Oct 19, 2008 8:11 pm

the SBS domain users cannot send messages
to a specific SMTP domain and the related NDR was received. According to
your description, I assume that the SMTP domain of the SBS server is
customerdomain.com; and the issue occurs when trying to send message to
external users whose email address also are XXXXX@customerdomain.com.

If my understand is correct, I think you go into a scenario that the SBS
server is sharing the SMTP domain with other mail system. In other words,
not all users have @customerdomain.com emails address is in the SBS domain.
Then the issue you described will occur.

For this issue, the main steps we need to configure is to set the SBS
server not to responsible for this email domain as not all users are in SBS
domain. For your reference, I have included the steps below:

a) Start Exchange System Manager.
b) Browse to Organization\Recipients\Recipient Policies.
c) Right-click Default Policy, and then click Properties.
d) Select @yourdomain.local and click set as primary button
e) Click "@yourdomain.com", and then click Edit.
f) Verify that the This Exchange Organization is responsible for all mail
delivery to this address check box has been CLEARED.
g) Click OK
h) Select "@ yourdomain.com" and click set as Primary button

At this point, to troubleshoot the current issue, please perform the
suggestions from "Step 1" to "Step 5" in "Method 1" of the following KB

How to share an SMTP address space in Exchange 2000 Server or in Exchange
Server 2003

After above configuration, if the User A try to send emails to
B@customerdomain.com, SBS server will first try to deliver this email
locally. When it finds that there is no B@customerdomain.com existing in
the local domain, it will forward this email to internet mail server for
further delivering.
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