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Use Setup.com to remove an Exchange 2007 server roles

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Use Setup.com to remove an Exchange 2007 server roles

Postby blin » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:03 pm

To use the Setup.com command to remove an Exchange 2007 server role

1.Log on to the server on which you want to remove one or more Exchange 2007 server roles.

2.Open a Command Prompt window and navigate to the directory where you installed the Exchange Server 2007 files. By default, this directory is %programfiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server.

3.Navigate to the \bin directory.


%programfiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin is in your path, so you can run this command from anywhere, without navigating to this directory.

4.Use the following syntax for Setup.com:

Setup.com /mode:uninstall /role:<server roles to remove>

Where <server roles to remove> must be one or more of the following, in a comma-separated list:

◦HubTransport (or HT, or H)

◦ClientAccess (or CA, or C)

◦EdgeTransport (or ET, or E)

◦Mailbox (or MB, or M)

◦UnifiedMessaging (or UM, or U)

◦ManagementTools (or MT, or T)

5.(Optional) If you are removing the Mailbox server role from a computer, remove the Exchange database files and storage group log files from the server.
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