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Cannot find server or DNS Error in Windows SBS 2008 SharePoint

Q: We are running windows sbs 2008 and we use DDNS. RWW works and OWA work fine. Only port 987 for SharePoint doesn't.

When link to SharePoint, the logon screen popup. After I enter the username and password, I get "Cannot find server or DNS Error".

1. The Internal computers and SBS work fine when accessing http://companyweb.
2. In the Internet, https://chicagotech.dyndns.org/remote works.
3. In the internet, https://chicagotech.dyndns.org/owa works.
4. Only https://chicagotech.dyndns.org:987 doesn't work.
5. telnet in the internet works fine.


A: You may need to add https://chicagotech.dyndns.org:987 to Alternate access mappings. To do that,

open SharePoint Central Administration, click the Operations tab, and then click  Alternate access mappings under Global Configuration.

Add https://chicagotech.dyndns.org:987 to Public URL for zone as shown below.


Bob Lin Photography services

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