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Mixed Windows OS

Duplicate Name
Error 53 when mapping a network drive
How to connect a w98 workstation into a w2k domain?
Why win9x can't see win2000 shared printer

Win9x can't see one of the shared folders
Why win9x cannot see a printer
Win9x can't see Win2000/XP
Win98 can't access w2k/xp while w2k/xp can access win98

Duplicate Name

Symptoms: You are running mixed OS in a domain network. Two computers, one is win98 and another is w2k/XP, receive the duplicate name message.

Resolution: check the WINS records.

Error 53 when mapping a network drive

SYMPTOMS: When attempting to map a network drive in a mixed OS network, you may receive the following error message: System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.

Resolutions: 1) obtain the latest service pack for NT 4. 2) In NT environment, the hostname may not match the NetBIOS name, so check your WINS settings or hostname and NetBIOS name. 3) make sure you type the correct hostname. 4) make the name resolution.

Q  How to connect a w98 workstation into a w2k domain?.

To access a domain network, 1) install client for MS networks; 2) in the properties of Client for ms network, check Logon Windows NT Domain and type your domain name in windows NT domain. You also need the domain logon id to access the domain.

Q: Win2k can access win98 but Win9x can't access win2000

I am trying to setup a network at home, I got two machines at home, one is windows 98 and on the other is Windows
2000 professional. I can see each machine on both. I can get into the windows 98 from windows 2000 pro but I can't get into the windows 2000 pro from win 98.  Its says "its not accessible"  with the red cross on the message.

A: Since your computers can see each other and win2000 can access win98, I am assuming that you have setup the same workgroup and protocol on the both machines. The problem is permission. You may have three options: 1) use the same logon id on the both machines, 2) create a logon id for win9x on win 2000, 3) enable guest account in win 2000 (it is risky).

Q: Why win9x can't see win2000 shared printer

W98 guys can see and access the XP Shared Documents folder.  He  asked  me to move his old HP LaserJet II to the new XP system.   No problem,  works  fine EXCEPT  it doesn't show up as a shared device on the W98 boxes. There is no ICS on XP.  File and printer sharing is activated. I set the  printer to share on the XP box and it shows up as shared.  (Hand on the icon). Any ideas?   I think I'm losing it!

A: If you can see the shared printer from XP but not win9x, it is because the printer share name is longer than 12 characters.

Win9x can't see one of the shared folders

Symptom: your peer network with one Win 98SE and some Win 2000 Pro systems on the LAN operates fines except the W98SE machine
sees one W2kPro machine but not one of it's shared folders. Other W2kPro machines can sees the folder. You have set necessary permissions, users, passwords.

Resolution: make sure the  folder's name  is shorter then 15 characters.

Why win9x cannot see a printer

Win 2000 can see the print name or folder name but win9x cannot because the name of the printer or folder is too long (more than 12 characters).

Win9x can't see Win2000/XP

By default, Win2000/XP disables NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NetBT) for selected clients. In a peer-to-peer network without WINS, Win9x  will be unable to browse, locate, or create file and print share connections to a Windows 2000 computer with NetBIOS disabled. So, you must setup the Win2000/XP to uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP to communicate with prior versions of Windows NT and other clients, such as Microsoft Windows 95. Alternatively, you may want to add NetBEUI on all workstations in the peer-to-peer network.



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