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IPCONFIG or WINIPCFG                                                               


To confirm that your computer has the appropriate settings for DNS and WINS servers, an available IP address, the proper subnet mask, the proper default gateway, and the correct host name, you can use ipconfig /all or WINIPCFG tool. The following are list of ipconfig parameters and usage:

  • /? - Display this help message

  • /all - Display full configuration information

  • /release - Release the IP address for the specified adapter

  • /renew - Renew the IP address for the specified adapter

  • /flushdns - Purge the DNS resolve cache. The /flushdns switch flushes the list of locally cached DNS names. When a name is resolved from DNS, the client keeps it in the cache temporarily. This option removes the cached entries.

  • /registerdns - Refresh all DHCP leases and re-register DNS names. The /registerdns switch allows the client to re-register its dynamic DNS entries as well as renew the DHCP lease.

  • /displaydns - Display the contents of the DNS resolve cache. The /displaydns switch lists the contents of your resolved DNS name cache.

    The first four switches are for OS  those in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and earlier version.

How to send ipconfig /all results to a text file

You might want to use the IP Configuration data of the local area connection that you obtained by using the IPConfig tool for further analysis. To make it easier to use, you can send the results to a text file. At the command line, type ipconfig /all > <local drive>:\<document title.txt>, for example ipconfig /all c:\>ipconfig.txt.


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