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EqualLogic Issues


EqualLogic administrative password doesn't work
EqualLogic: Checksum failure in kit file: aborting update

EqualLogic Error: Not connected to the server.
EqualLogic SAN offline after updating firmware
EqualLogic: You have elected to cancel the update

iSCSI Initiator gets Authentication failure
iSNS firewall exception has not been enabled.
Lost connection to EqualLogic SAN because of network settings
No connection because target machine actively refused it
No uninitialized PS Series array found
The disk id offline because it has a signature collision with another disk that is online

Lost connection to EqualLogic SAN because of network settings

Situation: the client moved their EqualLogic SAN to a different location. It worked for a couple hours and then no servers can't access it. We can't ping the SAN by IP or login.

Troubleshooting: the Cisco switch ports were configured for the SAN VLAN but hadn't saved it. After they had a power outage, all SAN VLAN configuration was lost so that no one access it. Re-configuring the port and save the configuration fixes the problem.


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