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Client was not authenticated

Situation: 1. The client installed Exchange 2007. He can send e-mail out and receive internal email but can't receive any e-mail from the internet with this error message: Client was not authenticated.

2. The Event Viewer may receive this message:

Event Source: MSExchange Transport
Event ID: 1026 -   Description:
SMTP rejected a mail from 'blin@chicagotech.net' with 'Internet' connector.

The user 'anonymous' does not have permissions to send as this address.

Resolution: By default an Exchange Server 2007 Hub Transport server only allows secure authenticated connections. If you don't have an Edge server in front of the Hub Transport server, you need to enable anonymous connections directly to the server. To fix it, you may have two options.

  1. Open the Exchange Management Shell and type:

    set-ReceiveConnector "Default <Servername>" -permissiongroups:"ExchangeUsers,ExchangeServers,ExchangeLegacyServers,AnonymousUsers”

2. Open Exchange Management Console. Navigate Server Configuration>Hub Transport. In the right pane, right click Default server name under Receive Connectors and select Properties. click on Permission Groups and check Anonymous.


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Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services 


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